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The Majins are evil creatures created by dark masters of all races. They are usually used as tools of destruction, and can easily cause havoc with their power. Majins are very hard to create, but with time more and more have been capable of creating them.

Starting PL: 900
Racial Traits:

when you have defeated your opponent you absorb them and gain 5% of their power level and kills them. (To use this you must have killed your opponent)

Once per battle you can instant dodge an attack by shifting your body to conform to the attacks shape.
First Blood (Permanent):
)V(ajin Majin_buu_by_mughalrox-d60a6f6
Requirements: 50,000 PL; won one lethal fight.
Gains: 20,000 PL
Drawbacks: You seem to have gotten a bit chubby with this new form. -10,000 Speed
Details: You have killed and absorbed your first opponent! You grow fat as you digest your first victim.

Evil (Permanent):
)V(ajin Majin_buu_by_death_grip_of_death-d5a2ovb
Requirements: 100,000PL; Absorbed/eaten an evil character
Gains: 200,000 PL
Drawbacks: - 50,000 Ki and you must turn or remain evil while in this transformation.
Details: You have killed and absorbed a terribly evil person and it infects you. You turn gray and evil if you weren’t already. (This transformation does not have to be undertaken.)

Super Majin (Permanent):
)V(ajin Majin_buu_by_osmar_shotgun-d7a4jfb
Requirements: 500,000PL; Reached First Blood trans.
Gains: 200,000 PL
Drawbacks: Your racial trait is blocked during this transformation
Details: You become buff and arrogant with your newfound power. Enemies quake under your gaze. But you’re still pink ha-ha.

Potential Unlocked (Permanent):
)V(ajin Majin_buu__gotenks_absorbed__by_toussidesigner-d69ftgb
Requirements: 2,000,000PL; Reached Super Majin trans.
Gains: 5,000,000 PL; Racial Trait is back!
Drawbacks: Arrogance prevents you from running, -1,000,000 Speed
Details: Still pink but more powerful than ever. You have unlocked this body’s full potential and know true power.

Primal Majin (Permanent):
)V(ajin Majin_buu_pure_form_by_maffo1989-d6pkisk
Requirements: 100,000,000PL; reached potential unlocked.
Gains: 100,000,000 PL; you can now absorb 10% using your racial trait
Drawbacks: You’ve become mad, -50,000,000 Ki
Details: You shrink in size and become insane with power, never before have you imagined such tremendous force.

Ultimate Majin: (Trans.)
)V(ajin MAJIN_BUU_BEEYOCHES_by_SiegeRedwolf
Requirements: 500,000,000PL
Gains: x2 PL
Drawbacks: lasts for 2 turns
Details: The epitome of Majin existence, you swell with power and nothing can stop you.

Majin unleashed: (Trans.)
)V(ajin 6041bdde7bee73866c33edbad8c79c43
Requirements: 1billion PL; reached Ultimate Majin.
Gains: x3PL
Drawbacks: Permadeath
Details: a lost form of the majin, said to be the strongest shift in the Majins power.

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